Negater Shell – Perfect EMF protection even for babies

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EMF protection and energy balancing gentle enough for babies.

Girl in a bubble — Image by © Ben Welsh/Corbis

“>EMF protection and energy balancing with beauty. Designed from a real shell it as lovely as only nature can be. Its shape invites you to hold it which is very calming. This is a very personal device even though its protective field of 9m (9 yards approx.) radius is large enough to protect your home or equivalent area in a work place. You can easily carry it from one to the other so that you have protection where ever you are.
Ideal for the insomniac, it tucks under your pillow. Keep your baby or little ones safe by putting it nearby. It really does get rid of those horrendous night terrors in children and adults. 
Prevent Electromagnetic radiation playing havoc with your life and health with our extensively tested Negater Shell. With our 30day, no questions no quibbles, money back guarantee you can try it for yourself. Hold it and you’re hooked!



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