Amazing Shamanic Drum 16” Himalayan Mountain Goat Skin Drum Round

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shamanic drums are used for journeying, for music, for healing Colour and texture may vary


Shamanic drums are to be used for journeying, for music and for healing The colour and texture may vary. Our shamanic drums are used by walkers on the shamanic path for journeying, for music, for healing, for drum circles and for the great feeling of empowerment and connection with spirit that they enable. All of the shamanic drums are birthed in ceremony, honoring the spirit of the animals and trees that they are made from, and all materials for the drums are ethically sourced. Our shamanic drums and medicine tools are made with an intention that they become powerful teachers, guides, healers and friends to those who use them and an important part of their spiritual growth and exploration. This beautiful handmade Shamanic drum is made with natural Mountain Goat from lower Himalays and Hindu kush and traditionally hand cut lacing and made in a mindful way, in ceremony and with an individual blessing. The frame is made of Ash. The mountain goat is a symbol of strength, of standing tall and proud and pushing through adversity with those powerful antlers that carry so much timeless wisdom. Working with the its drumming medicine, one maintains focus on their goals and plans, and with their head down and driving forward, can overcome all obstacles. We work with natural materials and animal hides – this way the strength and the spirit of the animal and the tree live on and its heartbeat will take so many on beautiful journeys.

Drum care:
Drum needs to be kept warm ideally in the blanket or in the drum case so it stay attuned. If the skin becomes loose due to the cold and moisture you need to warm it up by the heat – close to radiator, near the fire, direct sunlight.. This will tighten the skin. The tightness of the drum skin is like a string on the guitar. you have to tune it so it plays beautiful sounds.

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