Tantra Atlantean & Lemurian Meditation – 5 week program

£120.00 £60.00

I am welcoming you to join the Flow of Magical meditation Programme which will Take you from the place of today’s Chaos right into your True Home – Your Heaven in Your Heart which will fill you with Beauty of the River of Love of GOD / GODDESS


This is an 5 week program starting anytime you wish after you joined

Week 1. Introduction to 5 dimensional meditation or Higher Self meditation,
Week 2. Visiting Atlantis and Lemuria separately and exploring A + L and meeting own guides from there / here
Week 3. Establishing Permanent Connection with your Guide and healing of all your past life traumas
Week 4. Learning to know without learning, learning to see without seeing, learning to hear without listening
Week 5. Discovering and embodying of 5 Dimensional Reality
Living in 5 Dimensional Reality, Living in Atlantis and In Lemuria

5 weeks of Meditation programme, 5 Meditation CDs on completion of the programme worth £120 and a Transformation of your lifetime..This is only £60 so half price. If you wish to donate more, contact us for donation

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