Ether and Etheric World

Etheric World

  Human Evolution is actually your evolution. It is your Individual and your collective Awareness, that is constantly evolving. All you are here to do is to become aware of what is actually happening all the time. All that is required of you is to wake up from the deep narcotic sleep and know that you don’t need to learn anything. All you have to do is to re-member what you already know.

          Each of the above realities has a corresponding Etheric Counterpart which together constitute your Etheric Double also known as your Etheric Self.

          Ether is an invisible substance. It fills the empty space around us, in the solar system, in the whole Universe and in the Omni-Verse (which consists of Unknown numbers of Universes.)

         Science does not know much about ether, although it is learning about its qualities and functions still in more or less blissful ignorance. Science has recently ”discovered” dark matter and dark energy and some scientists are worrying about its features. It has been recently published that the dark matter is expanding and by doing so it is causing the contraction of our universe. Well let’s not worry about dark matter at all, we can leave this to 3D scientists. We know that this is a natural process like a breath cycle of the Creator.  

How scary this ‘’scientific’’ mystery of the contraction and expansion of the universe actually is? Your lungs do contract and expand with every breath you take, your muscles do it, we ll do it all the time, this is how we operate, this is how we live. The animals breathe, the trees breathe, the mother earth breathes and lives, the Solar system breathes, Milky way breathes, the universe breathes too. The scientists trapped within 3D function in the same way. Their lungs also surely expand and contract.

Maybe ‘’scientists’’ one day will wake up and realise that Universe is a living being, that it is actually alive. When they do that they will change two things. They will stop worrying about the Universe and they will become servants of the true Sacred Science, like Einstein did, like Tesla did, like Leonardo da Vinci did.

          The Etheric substance is not what everything in existence is made of, but without ether nothing would exist. Ether literally holds everything in existence together. It is an invisible field known well to the advanced mystics and to the sacred scientists. It is also a medium of communication across this universe. It enables movement of data, information and energy across vast distances in space. Particles of light travel through ether and by doing so they conglomerate selves into beams of light. Ether is an all present, super-fast light highway and telepathic universal conscious living web, transferring data all the time. Ether is everywhere in this universe and very likely everywhere in the Omniverse, that is commonly known to us as Creation.

Yet ether does give us more.   On your individual level ether gives you your etheric body (not to be mistaken for your aura. Your etheric body enables your aura to exist). Your etheric body is an etheric counterpart to your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, your aura etc. It is you in etheric form. Various people during Reiki sessions or healing sessions report often that they felt other hands on them doing healing. It is usually explained as ‘’Angels were helping.’’ Well, angels may did help, but your etheric hands definitely work together with you all the time.

If this is hard to accept, it means it’s time to introduce the biggest obstacle on your path to the full awakening. The magnitude and magnificence of your being is the biggest obstacle you are facing right now. How many times will you have to face it depends only on how fast you can fully accept who you truly are.