How to get in touch during lockdown to get healed

Hello all who need healing help

We all are now on lockdown,which is causing many problems

In order to get healed, contact me on 01773716720 or  07907330687 and I ll explain to you what options are available. You can also email me. My email address is or Also look inot my guestbook to find for yourslef what I can do for you and for your well-being. I look forward to hear formyou and I wish you to get through this unfair lockdown

Robert Hawk  01773716720 or 07533365999 or 07907330687


Happy 2020 from Robert Hawk

Hello Everyone in this world. in amazing 2020  I am Shaman, Robert Hawk, I have been healing thousands of clients suffering from pain caused by horrible situations, they had to face in their life. I am connect with the whole Creation, Universes, Galaxies, Stars, Planet and All living breathing things . With trees , animals, spirits and beings from other realms,and with beautiful  Agartha known also I have learned Shamanic Healing from Ancient Toltec Masters in Mexico and from Shipibo tribes and other tribes in Amazon – Rainforest which passed their knowledge on teacher in Eagles Wing where I studied in 2005 and 2006 and gained a perfect level of Shamanic healing.  Few years later my teacher passed onto me actual Eagle’s Wing because he was really happy with my healing skills and results it brings to clients.

I also  learned and practiced Reiki of All levels since 2002.  I love this planet and everyone living here. Great healers who passed away  to higher realms gifted me with their healing power so I can heal every client very quickly as you can easily see for yourself in my guestbook   My mission is to save this planet from suffering and pain. I want everyone to be free and happy, filled with love, passion and compassion for the whole world.   The reason why I can do this is because I  myself had to go through massive waves of pain in my whole life. I got through all of it happily. I am hereby ready to help you because I do understand what the pain is and where exactly it comes from. Every client, every student and every friend of mine loves my house and my healing space.  I do not want to write so much because this site will allow you to watch video recording  where I will present you with my story.  With love and smile for all living breathing beings. Robert Hawk from  Hawkshouse in Heanor


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