2018 Year of balance

Happy New Year 2018 – Year of Balance

Let we all that we feel we are not happy with our situation, become wise and able to see through the the fog like illusion of 3 dimensional reality in 2018. Yes, if you are finding yourself to be trapped by by the paranoid 3D, it is because you allowed yourself to slip, if you feel that this is your case. Once you do that, you will realise beyond any shadow of the doubt that we, who desire balance and justice, are having this year as opportunity to achieve the lost balance and justice. Of course, some modifications must occur for the balance to be restored and justice to be practiced. When the modifications are at the point of occurring this does not have to feel pleasant or unpleasant. This is because the large volumes of energy have to change its vibrational frequency and move through the space time. It can be a joyful ride or a bumpy roller coasting. Most certainly bit of both. This depends on their level of your karmic evolution, on your real willingness to look within and on the state of your energy. I wish you as joyful ride as possible and when the bumps come, look at them as opportunity to overcome them without loosing your balance. That is the goal. That is worth your effort Practicing Justice is easy. Once you see through the fog of illusion, you will realise that everything is as Just as it can be, because our individual and collective choices manifested our realities. Individual, collective and shared. Creation is just and balanced, so can you.

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Harmony and Balance are to be restored in 2018 Balance of Justice will be achieved in 2018 Journey from Simplicity to Infinity is a journey from 1 to 8

2018 – number 1 is Unity of Oneness and number 8 is Infinity 18 is Infinite Unity and that is the real Balance.

Yes, this is the potential year 2018 brings as a blueprint. The rest is up to you. If you need help contact us via contact page  .If you are interested in Shamanic work feel free to visit following links

Happy Awakening.

With Love and smile because    In Lak’ech Ala K’in