2016 – Time to Awaken

Welcome to summer autumn 2016 – Happy Britain, Happy Europe, Happy Earth  Let’s start something amazing amonst the chaos and political turmoil unleashed by the EU vote resulting in Brexit.  Free and Happy Britain, Free and Happy Europe, Free and Happy Happy Earth 2016 


We are on Earth and from Earth. This is a fact, nobody can dispute
Let’s love our mother – Earth the way she loves us
We are living on British Isles so let’;s love everybody who lives here with us. We are in Europe (which is not EU) so let’s love the Old continent and all the fellow people in Europe
We are all free so let’s stop pretending that we are not. There is no one outside of you stopping you from being free and happy.
Be free and true to yourself mainly and to everyone else.
Let’s care for each other and for our mother Earth.
Do not wait for anybody to lead you and to tell you what to do and what not to do. If they tell you that you need to be led by them tell them you are not the dog that follows the master.
Remember We are free, we do not need politicians. They need us, but they can have us only if we are not free,. So,let’s free ourselves this year and in the years to come. Let’s make Britain, Europe and the whole Earth Free.
There are millions of us, yet we do not know of each other. We are stronger than we think we are. We are free and we are responsible for what we create. So let’s connect, let’s unite ourselves and let’s assist in freing everyone who desires to be free. At the end we can help the politicians too if they wish to be free.
The most unexpected and comical aspect of freedom emerges when we think that we are enslaved or imprisoned. This is because we are free to make such a choice not to be free. Can you see now that it is only you who can set you free.
Happy Awakening to your freedom and inner happiness

in lak’ech ala k’in

One known as Robert

Happy New Year 2016 – Year of Awakening to your freedom and happiness

This year will bring more awakening than ever before. More of us will  definitely wake up from the deep narcotic sleep induced by system based on separation, greed, disrespect and profit.

Once we wake up we will realise that the world around us  is only a reflection of what is within us. We also realise that by clearing  and healing what is within us, we are clearing and changing the world around us

It is time to say goodbye to the ”reality” created by the primitive consciousness of the so called ”elite” Western science is obsessed with the brain and more or less forgets the heart.  Let’s have a look at the brain western science is so desperate to unlock the mysteries of.  It is an organ inside our scull that has got many functions. It’s main function is to interpret the images of light that are being reflected by material objects. When such an object is hit by the light, it reflects it and sends  that reflection into our eyes. Behind the eyes there is an optic nerve, that gets irritated by the vibrational frequency coming from the retina. The brain receives this irritation and tells us what the object is. The brain knows it because it was taught to know this by others. Like monkeys, we are repeating everything we have been taught without thinking of it. This is a very primitive form of perception that is known to us as being human. How do we know we are human? We know it because somebody told us when we were very small children.  We started repeating it like monkeys. (Nothing against monkeys or apes). This is how we know it. Nazis discovered one of the universal truths. If you repeat a lie a hundred times it becomes true.  This is how we know everything – through behaving like monkeys, without questioning anything.

 We are Energy and a Frequency. We are constantly thinking ourselves into being while  most of us are still more or less it total ignorance of such a simple yet super-powerful creative process.  Energy of our thoughts, energy of our emotions, energy of our imagination, energy of our words  plus energy of our intention together oscillate at a certain frequency. This frequency makes us who we are, it’s our energetic signature.  It’s our individual frequency, created by the thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions and words. This is how we are thinking ourselves into being. THIS IS HOW WE ARE THINKING OURSELVES INTO BEING 24/7 ALL THE TIME. Do yourself a favour and start paying attention to this process. This is vital for your health, for your well-being and for your awakening. Stop being a victim and become a victor instead.

There is no-one telling you that you must stay asleep that you are not allowed to wake up from the nightmare. There is no one outside of you who can stop you from thinking yourself into being more consciously, more creatively and with heightened awareness.

Happy awakening in 2016 and always remember Your eyes can see only 0.03% of the spectrum of light. This is a scientific fact. 99.7% of what is in existence is not visible by the average ”human” eye. Also 99.7% of your being is not visible to you. Appearances are truly deceiving….

Happy Awakening

Before 2016

 Happy New Year 2015

Let we all that desire to awaken, become healthy, strong, joyful and playful during 2015. It’s time to be true to your self mainly and to those you love. You can also be true to everyone around you, if you feel that this is your case.  Once you do that, you will realise beyond any shadow of a doubt that we are all really One.

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Yes, you are One with all those people you don’t want to be one with. Those who do not  under any circumstances want to be one with you, are surely  One with you too. We are all one including everyone. On the deepest level, we all breathe together as one living being. On the surface level of our everyday existences, the vast majority of us  do not know anything about  All being One. This leads us to see  ”quite clearly” that there is ”us and them” Who are They? The only answer is All of us together.  More precisely ”They” is all of us together, individually and collectively, refusing to be responsible for our own choices, our own decisions and our own lives.  We have Insurance companies to cover our not so clever choices, we have doctors and hospitals to fill us with drugs made by the drug cartels like  Boots and Bayers  which make us more ill and this is called healthcare. We have politicians and televisions to tell us how to behave and what to do and not to do.  Slavery in which many people live is totally self inflicted.

If this sounds strange to your ears or difficult to implement or even understand then there is a lot of work to be done on your awakening from the nightmare of separation and illusion.

Love and blessings to all that breathe and live

and oif course 

In LakIn Lakech 4‘ech Ala K’in  in 2015              

More to follow on how is it possible that we all are one with dictators, saints, murders, dallai lamas, prostitutes, beggars, kings and bank managers, too.


 In Lak’ech Ala K’in  in 2014 


New year 2014  is the year where you will grow your own happiness 


2013 Mayan 2012 New Beginning Started 


In 1986 a powerful Earthquake struck Mexico City and then there was about  25 year period of the World between Worlds

This period ended in last 400 days. What we are experiencing now is the New Dawn, New Start and its not like we were told by 2012 ”gurus”.

There is No Ascension to Higher Dimensions, apart from going deep within your Higher Self.   Our planet is beautiful enough, so while the new humanity , 6th Humanity, being precise, living under the 6th Sun is learning how to take baby steps, let’s enjoy our beautiful Mother Earth, our Planet, our Home. Let’s help our Mother to heal and repair her self from  nasty woulds inflicted by her own human children.  While you do that, forgive those who wounded our mother and do not forget.  

With Love and smile because

In Lak’ech Ala K’in


 Before 2013

On the very 1st Day of 2012 I have decided to do following things: 

1. Always do what fear tells me not to





3. Integrate many different networks within the Oneness and blend the spirit of Oneness inside the veins of variety of vesatile networks

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